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Elvis and The Atom Age

Image courtesy: Stereo Gum

Release your inner-Elvis with this newly released video “Wasteoid” from northern Californian punk band The Atom Age! There’s nothing better than watching a middle-aged man in a rhinestone-studded suit dance around like a drunkard. Be sure to check out The Atom Age‘s third full length album “Hot Shame” on Asian Man Records August 28th. In case you were wondering – the Elvis impersonator featured ... Read More »

Trivium Comes Roaring Back With Silence In The Snow


Our good friends in Trivium are back!!! The band released their new song “Silence In The Snow” earlier this morning to the internet masses. Well we shouldn’t say the song is new, it was actually written back in 2008 for the ‘Shogun’ album. Frontman Matt Heafy had this to say about the song: “For those of you wondering, this song was ... Read More »