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Avengers: Age of Ultron Sneak Peek Trailer

Avengers 2

The movie news has been buzzing like crazy after the recently revealed line ups by both DC and Marvel for their long list of superhero movies. A list that is set to carry us through for the next 6 years mind you. However, while there are thousands of people talking about the lifespan of these franchises, we prefer to stay ... Read More »

Alice In Chains “Phantom Limb” Video Released


Alice in Chains have released their new video for “Phantom Limb.” Its a pretty creepy and bizarre video but the song is just killer! Instead of going the traditional route and releasing the video on YouTube or Vimeo the band released it on BitTorrent. You can download the video for free and keep it forever and ever. Read More »

Set Times For BRNOTD


  SET TIMES FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH   9:00PM VOLBEAT                                          7:15PM KILLSWITCH ENGAGE                 5:45PM HELLYEAH                                   ... Read More »



HMS PICKS WEEK 8 *PICKS ARE IN BOLD* NEW RULES! In an attempt to make things  little more interesting, the HMS crew has decided to change the weekly football picks format. Now, instead of picking a team for each game, they will instead pick ONLY 4 games. One that they believe is locked into win, an upset, their favorite team, ... Read More »