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Anthrax May Have “20 Songs In The Works” According to Scott Ian

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian delved into what the future looks like for the thrash metal band after he completes his one man show, “Speaking Words” tour. Ian claims that the band is already hard at work writing new music. “Put it this way, we’ve already got 12 things arranged and I know there’s a wealth more material, musically, happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve got 20 songs written before we start recording this album.”


This is quite unusual for Anthrax according to Ian saying, “We’ve never, ever, in the history of this band done that. I think the most we’ve ever had was maybe one more song than we needed going in. If there was 10 songs on the record, we maybe had one more.”


The guitarist believe the drastic change in writing stems from the bands recent success surrounding their “Worship Music” album which debuted at No. 12 in the United States. “We never reall write more than we need. It’s not a case of where we’re writing more than we need, we’re just having a lot of ideas. I think, it’s just really coming off this ‘Worship Music’ cycle. It was just so good for us, and so much fun, and such a success. It’s the first time in a really long time we’ve gone into a new album n a real high note, on a real postive. I just think that has everything to do with it. We’re all just really excited to be doing this.”


The album is expected sometime this summer.