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The Brady Report 8/23/18

 A Guy Posed As the Ghost of His Ex’s Mother to Try to Win Her Back  (NC-17) A Guy Got His Finger Stuck in a Sex Toy Vending Machine  A Drunk Guy Took a Cab to His Parents’ House to Sleep on Their Couch . . . But They Don’t Live There Anymore  You Won’t Hit Peak Self-Esteem Until Age ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/21/18

A Guy Who Waded into a River Full of Hungry Bears For a Selfie Didn’t Die, But Will Be Facing Charges A Chick-fil-A in Florida Just Opened 587 Feet From Another Chick-fil-A  A Family’s New Hamster Went Rogue and Destroyed the Inside of Their Car  A Woman Tricks Almost 100 Guys on Tinder to Show Up For a Group Date ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/20/18

 A Softball Coach’s Wife Who Mooned the Crowd to Distract Them After a Bad Game Looks Like She’ll Get Away…  A Golfer Is Charged with “Mayhem” After Biting Another Golfer’s Thumb Off A Topless 81-Year-Old Woman Is Busted Drinking Boxed Wine in a Park  A Restaurant in Mexico City Is Busted For Selling Tacos Made With Illegal Tarantulas  Archaeologists Found ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/16/18

A Librarian Is Going to Jail For Embezzling $89,000 to Spend on “Game of War”  Someone Stole $98,000 Worth of Ramen Noodles . . . Which Is at Least 300,000 Packages A Restaurant Is Dealing With “Disturbing and Hostile Customers” For Changing From Crinkle-Cut to Straight…  A Woman Celebrated Her 101st Birthday at the Taco Bell Where She Eats Weekly ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/15/18

A Guy Shot His Friend in the Butt After Arguing About Politics on Facebook  There’s a New Girl Scout Cookie on the Way! But Sadly, It’s Gluten Free  A Woman Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend, So He Steals Her Toilet?  Are These Extremely Public Urinals a Good Idea, or Just Gross?  Doctors Found a Woman’s Contact Lens Lodged Above Her ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/14/18

A Shoplifter Gets Arrested After Going Back for His Bible A Woman Grabs a Guy’s Decorative Sword and Robs Him with It  (NC-17) The New York Subway System Responded to a Woman’s Tweet That Offered Sex for Faster Service  The Cover of Yesterday’s “New York Post” Was a Full-Page Ad  McDonald’s Is Testing a French Toast McGriddle Would You Turn ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/13/18

 An Airline Employee in Seattle Stole an Empty Plane, Did Some Tricks, Then Fatally Crashed Into an Island  A Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral . . . and Now People Are Going to Her For Makeup Tips  Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Is Coming This Halloween  7-Eleven Is Doing Buy One, Get One Free Slurpees All Week  If You’re Out and ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/10/18

 A Man Tried to Get Away from the Cops by Taking a Frog Hostage  A Guy Strips and Does an Erotic Dance at a Hibachi Restaurant  A Guy Calls the Police to Report His Wife Is Snoring Loudly  Beards Are So Popular That They’re Killing the Razor Industry  Everyone’s Having Way Less Sex Than You Think Read More »

The Brady Report 8/9/18

 A Group of Angry Cows Assisted with an Arrest  A Woman Throws a Knife at a Guy Even Though He Swore He Didn’t Eat Her Chinese Leftovers  If You Give Your College Kid Extra Cash, There’s a 15% Chance They’ll Blow It All on Booze Someone Is Selling Teddy Bears Made Out of Raw Chicken Hey, People Are Actually Using ... Read More »