Big Numbers For A Day To Remember

Thats face it record sales in today's world are terrible, nobody buys records anymore which sucks but that is the sad truth. So to see a story about a band that has sold almost 100,000 records with no big label backing them is awesome!! A Day To Remember is currently on their own after a huge fight that is going on with them and their former label Victory Records. Long story to short the band released their new album "Common Courtesy" on their own with no help from a label and the only way to get the album is to download it from their site and other traditional retail outlets. So that means there are no hard physical copies of the disc only downloads. For a band to do this you would think they would only sell a couple thousand copies if that, but that was not the case with ADTR. Check out their press release:


“Today Neilsen Soundscan verifies that the band sold 40,550 copies through their own digital direct to fan presale as well as 52,324 albums through traditional retail outlets such as Best Buy, iTunes and Hot Topic. In total, the new album has sold 92,874 copies in the US alone. The album will not debut on the Billboard chart this week due to the untraditional nature of this release but the band is very thankful for the overwhelming support and loyalty of their fans. Had Common Courtesy been eligible the band would have had a Top 10 debut this week.”


It's crazy to think that a band with out a label or any backing is able to release an album on their own and sell almost 100,000 copies. Now don't get us wrong ADTR was already a huge band and has thousands and thousands of fans worldwide, but its still very cool to see a heavy band sell these many copies of album in this day and age. 


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