Coheed & Cambria vs KUPD Wiffle Ball Game

By Thomas Cowley


Despite the mid-day heat, Coheed and Cambria faced off against KUPD in that sport of kings, - wiffle ball. The game was shorter than your traditional match, consisting of a mere 3 innings and two outs per inning.


1st Inning


Our own Shan Man picked up the bat, and the KUPD team immediately struck out. Things were not off to a great start. Coheed took the field, and smacked up an easy pop fly, which was then immediately dropped by one of the listener winners playing. With the bases loaded, Coheed hit a grounder which turned into an easy RBI, putting the band first on the score board.


2nd Inning


KUPD came up to bat, but quickly put it down again after a pop fly and subsequent strike out. Coheed didn't fair much better however, and the inning was quickly forgotten.


3rd Inning


With the sweltering heat and a low team moral, KUPD took up the bat for the finale time. But just as life was about to immortalize the Big Red Team into the International Museum of Failure, fate stepped in - or more accurately a security guard stepped in. Literally. A pop fly and easy out was intercepted by a passing security guard and then dropped as KUPD turned an easy out into a triple. The security guard received much praise from the Big Red Radio, but was labeled the next Steve Bartman by the band. The next few at bats resulted in two RBI's, one of which was hit by Shan Man himself.


Having taken the lead, KUPD entered the bottom of the third with confidence, which was quickly shattered by a triple from Cambria's drummer, Josh Eppard. The band then hit an RBI, ending the game 3-2 for Coheed & Cambria.


Afterwords Shan Man said, “They cheated.” And that was all.



Coheed & Cambria has only lost one of these games during their tour at this date.  


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