Desert Uprising Day 2 – Coheed & Cambria

By Thomas Cowley


At 7:15pm, rock band Coheed & Cambria took the main stage for day 2 of Desert Uprising. Things started out with all the lights going out plunging the audience into darkness. It was mere seconds however before an overwhelming roar from the crowed filled the air to replace the lack of light. With a purple main stage light, Coheed entered and began tearing at the chords as fans screamed out from the pit all the way to the lawn.


The band wasted little time, launching almost simultaneously from one song into another. But they did take the time to address the fans and thank them for coming out there to see them play. They were energetic, played their hearts out, and left no one disappointed as they closed with a fan favorite, “Welcome Home” off of their 2005 album, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: Fear through the Eyes of Madness.



With Coheed & Cambria being the first main stage performance, after opening act Circa Survive, the seats were nearly full, with only the outer edge unoccupied and a pit full of headbanging fans to cheer them on. If the turnout for Coheed & Cambria is any indication for the end of tonight, then it's going to be packed far beyond the limits of a full house. 

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