Ozzy Osbourne Claims Black Sabbath Reunion Not The Cause Of His Relapse

By Thomas Cowley


In April of this year singer Ozzy Osbourne admitted that he had relapsed and began “drinking and taking drugs” for roughly the past 18 months. However, in the upcoming issue of Revolver, Osbourne made it clear that his slip back into substance abuse was not caused by the reunion tour with Black Sabbath.


“It wasn't Black Sabbath. I'm an alcoholic. It's my disease. If I don't go to these AA meetings, I tell myself, You can have a line of that. You can smoke that or whatever. Next thing you know, I'm f-ing on my own somewhere in L.A. I don't know why. I'm my own worst enemy. The idea of having one drink or one joint or one line of coke or whatever, my whole f-ing life caves in. It's a bad thing. I haven't drunk now for maybe nine months.”


The relapse had also driven his wife, Sharon Osbourne away, causing her to move out of the house at one time. Since becoming sober again however, the two have reconciled, but it was “very difficult” according to Ozzy.


“She knows what it's all about. When you're stuck in a f-ing hotel room in the middle of nowhere with time on your hands...you spend the rest of the time in your head in your own f-ing room left to your own devices. It's f-ing bad.”


Despite the hardships, Black Sabbath will continue to tour worldwide throughout 2014.

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