Xbox One Video Runs Though New Features

By Thomas Cowley


A new video from Microsoft details what we can expect from the new dashboard system for the upcoming Xbox One. However it is important to note that this is in fact an edited marketing video, and not in fact a live stream or live demo. As a result, the exact degree to which users experience may vary has yet to be seen. Therefore I am assuming this is their best case scenario or target experience.


The video shows many features, from the voice commands, switching between modes and services, to answering a Skype call while watching television. Microsoft no doubt wants to show us all what the Xbox One is capable of in the shortest amount of time, but being the cynic that I am, I can't help but feel that they tried to hard to meet that goal. The entire video feels like it does not focus on any one thing for us to learn about or enjoy long enough before it has moved on to something else.


Regardless, the technology is certainly impressive if it in fact works at the intended speed and smoothness that it claims is possible. The Kinect is now able to understand two distinct voices at the same time and can detect between 6 active players and spectators and can even detect heart rates. However many may be turned away by the devices need to be always on for full functionality. Microsoft states that the Kinect can be turned completely off, however that may not be enough for some gamers as the explosive backlash of the 2013 E3 conferences taught us.


Dashboard Example Video



The Xbox One will be available November 22nd for $499.99.  

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