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The Brady Report 7/11/17


The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep Is . . . Having a Good Reason to Get Out of Bed the Next Day A New Website Helps You Find How Many Streets Have Your Name . . . and If They Intersect With Your… Are These the Seven Keys to a Successful Marriage? A Guy Diving For Golf Balls Is ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/10/17


A Study Finds Men Who Marry Younger Women Live Longer An Irish Newspaper Publishes a List of American Foods They Would “Never Eat” . . . But It’s Really Our Best… A Delta Flight Attendant Smashes a Passenger With a Wine Bottle to Keep Him From Opening the Exit Door in… A Woman Leaves Her Kid in a Hot Car, ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/7/17


There’s a New Flavor of Pringles . . . Top Ramen The World’s Most Expensive Fidget Spinner Is Now on Sale For $16,700 A Woman Went Looking for a Wedding Date on Twitter, and Ended Up Marrying the Guy A Girl Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds Over the Prom Date Who Dumped Her, and Of Course, Ryan Loved It The Hot Plastic ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/6/17


 Men Don’t Get What’s Wrong with This Pool Float, But Women See It Immediately  Which State Has the Hottest, Most Miserable Summers? Here Are the Top Ten  The Key to Making Up After an Argument Is Very Different For Men and Women  An American Tourist Goes Into a Lagoon in Mexico to Pee . . . and a Crocodile Bites ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/5/17


A Guy Tries to Use Fireworks to Take Out a Bees’ Nest . . . and Burns Down His Garage A Woman Casually Walks Away With a Giant TV From a Buffalo Wild Wings If You Text When You Walk, It Makes You Take Weird-Looking Steps Stupid Photo of the Day: A Minivan Is Pulled Over For Having a Crazy ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/22/17


Here’s What Each State Has That’s Bigger Than Any Other State How Do You Draw a Circle: Clockwise or Counterclockwise? A Woman Pulled a Gun at a Drive-Thru, Because They Shorted Her One Chicken Nugget A Woman in a Bikini Contest Is Arrested For Hitting Another Contestant With a High Heel An 88-Year-Old Man Says a One-Eyed Prostitute Stole His ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/22/17


Six Foods You Should Never Grill . . . and One of Them Is Burgers? The #1 Thing We Want to Do on Vacation Is . . . Nothing A Kid Who Was Being Bullied Showed Up to School with 200 Bikers The Best and Worst States For Summer Road Trips A Guy Isn’t Allowed to Wear Shorts to Work ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/21/17


Today Is the First Day of Summer and . . . Spoiler Alert . . . People Are Happy About It Mattel Just Introduced New Ken Dolls With Man Buns, Cornrows, Dad Bods, and More The Main Reason Guys Cheat Is . . . the Other Person Was Really Hot (NC-17) The Top 10 States For Having a Threesome A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/20/17


A Great Way to Lose Weight Is Not Getting Out of Bed All Weekend? A Lucky Charms Milkshake Just Went on Sale at Burger King A Baby Born Mid-Flight Will Get Free Plane Tickets for Life A Farmer Dies After His Pet Pig Bites Off His Junk in a Drunk Fight A guy in Arizona got naked and started punching ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/19/17


People Are Using Coca-Cola as Tanning Oil and They Really Shouldn’t The Latest Stupid Jeans For Sale Are 100% Crotchless A Guy Put a Mousetrap in His Mailbox to Catch His Neighbor Stealing Mail, but Caught a Postal Worker Instead A Man Gets an $870,000 Settlement Because a Doctor Removed the Wrong Ball A City Worker Embezzled Money to Get ... Read More »