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The Brady Report 3/20/18

A Drunk Woman Mistakes a Jail Security Booth For a Drive Thru and Tries to Order a Breakfast Sandwich A Guy Was Busted on St. Patrick’s Day For Throwing Up Out of His Car Window While Driving Drunk  The Blockbuster in the North Pole Is Closing Down  Essential Oils Could Lead to Men Growing “Large Breasts”  The Hot Social Media ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/19/18

A Drunk Woman Wanted to Hold a Goat, Fell on It, Then Assaulted Her Nephew A Janitor in South Carolina Stole Kids’ Money During the School Walkout Last Week A Guy Gets Pulled Over, and Gives the Cops a Fake Homer Simpson Driver’s License  A Woman Who Looked at Her Phone For 20 Straight Hours Almost Died From Blood Clots ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/9/18

 (NC-17) Cunnilingus Is Causing Cancer A Man Pulls a Knife After He’s Caught Shoving Hostess Cupcakes Down His Pants  A Woman Snuck Into a College Graduation Posing as a Student, and Accepted Someone Else’s Diploma  A Guy Steals a Car . . . to Go to Court to Face Stolen Car Charges  The Hottest Internet Search on International Women’s Day ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/8/18

A Man Gets Run Over by His Own Car When He Tries to Run From the Cops Guys Ditch Their Broken-Down Car in the Middle of the Road to Get to a Big Bowling Tournament  A Woman Tries to Fool Her Probation Officer by Forging a Prescription for Medicinal Meth  Moving Back in With Your Parents Basically Ruins Their Lives ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/7/18

 A Grandma Says Her Grandson Tricked Her Into Smuggling Him Drugs in Prison  (NC-17) Artificial Intelligence Tried to Predict the Next Big Porn Trends . . . and Things Got Weird  What Are the Most Common Names For Millennials? A two-year-old kid in Shanghai recently got his hands on his mom’s iPhone . . . punched in the wrong password ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/6/18

 An Airline Passenger Got Completely Naked and Started Watching Porn A Guy Was Busted Shoplifting . . . Because It Was on His Bucket List  A Cheese Festival Is Cancelled . . . When It Runs Out of Cheese  87% of People Consider Themselves Busy  What Are the Sexiest and Least Sexy American Accents?  A Study Finds Only One Country ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/5/18

 A Woman Dumps Popcorn on a Kid’s Head for Talking During “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” A Man Gets a Ring Stuck on His Junk . . . Tries to Use Scissors to Get It Off . . . and They Get Stuck Too  A Guy’s Car Explodes After He Uses Body Spray and Lights a Cigarette Women Like One-Night ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/1/18

 Police Are Hunting For Someone Who Stole an Adam Sandler Autographed Jersey From “The Longest Yard”  A Man With the Middle Name “Trouble” Just Got Arrested Two Shoplifters Try to Get Away by Jumping a Fence . . . Into a Police Station Parking Lot Firefighters Have to Rescue a Guy Who Climbed a Huge Tree to Save His Drone ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/28/18

 A Man in Canada Flees a Crime Scene by Riding a Block of Ice Down a River  A Woman Squeezes Through a Tiny Slot in a Claw Game to Steal Seven Stuffed Animals  A Guy Is Busted For Stealing Meatballs Thanks to the Sauce All Over His Face  A Buyer Pulls Out of a $1.8 Million Real Estate Deal When ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/27/18

A Guy Thinks He’s on the Wrong Flight and Jumps Down the Emergency Slide . . . Turns Out It Was the Correct…  A Community Theater Actor Gets Into a Police Chase Because He Doesn’t Want to Miss His Performance  America’s Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Was Finally Busted After He Tried to Run a Scam Involving Maraschino…  People Who Take ... Read More »