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The Brady Report 11/1/17

 A Judge Sentences a Guy to Write 144 Nice Things About His Ex-Girlfriend  So . . . Um . . . Apple Has Secretly Been Cataloging Photos of You Wearing a Bra  A Staples Employee Wears a Blackface Halloween Costume That Goes Over About As Well As You’d Expect  Samuel Adams Just Announced a $199 Beer That’s Illegal in 12 ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/31/17

 A Man Grinds His Crotch on a Woman on the Subway . . . Who Turns Out to Be a Cop  A Guy Calls 911 When He Finds a Stranger Dressed as a Clown Sleeping in His House  The Ten Most Common Phobias Include Heights, Spiders, and Public Speaking  Searches For “Scary” Porn Skyrocket Around Halloween  At Least 45% of ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/30/17

 A Hooker Offers Her Services to an Undercover Cop . . . in Exchange For a Beanie Baby  A Woman Accidentally Rips Her Boyfriend’s Junk When She Tries to Watch TV During Sex  A Guy at a World Series Game Sees His Apartment Catch on Fire From the Stadium  Your Pumpkin Pie Probably Contains Absolutely Zero Pumpkin  The Door Handle ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/27/17

A Guy Robbing a Store Says, “We Can Do This the Easy Way, or the Hard Way” . . . Then Gets Knocked Out by…  Police Finally Catch an Elusive Ninja Thief . . . Who Turns Out to be 74 Years Old  The Newest “Hot” Criminal Is a Female Gang Member in California  A Study Finds It’s Really Hard ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/26/17

 A Guy Gets Arrested for Stealing His Wife’s Purse  Thieves Break Into a Car and Leave Behind a Nintendo 64  A Woman Crashes a Wedding to Spy on Her Boyfriend . . . and Winds Up in a Brawl With the Bridesmaids  The 10 Best Baseball Cities in America  A Woman Who Married Herself Admits She’s Been Cheating on Herself ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/25/17

A Woman Tried to Steal a Frying Pan by Hiding It in Her Skin-Tight Yoga Pants  Officers Chase Down Suspected Poachers in a Cemetery . . . and Find Out They’re Actually Ghostbusters  Mega Millions Tickets Are Doubling in Price, From $1 to $2 The Average Couple Argues 19 Times a Month  A Garbage Truck Crashed Into a Gift Shop ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/24/17

 (NC-17) A Man Gets Pulled Over Wearing a Thong and Covered in Vaseline  A Random Local Dude Won the Venice Marathon After All the Pros Made a Wrong Turn  “Travel & Leisure’s” Favorite Cities for Food and Friendliness . . . and the Best Cities Overall  The 10 Most Common Superstitions  It’s Finally Happened: Women Say It’s a Turn Off ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/23/17

 A Woman Violates a Ban From Walmart Because “The Cake Is Too Good to Stay Away”  Eight People Are Facing Charges After the “Twerking Olympics” Goes Wrong  You’re Not Old Today Until You’re 83 . . . and the Top Things That Make People Feel Young  “Dad Dancing” Starts at Age 37, but It’s Only the Fourth Most-Embarrassing Thing Dads ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/19/17

 A Guy Knocks Out the Power to a Store Using an Erotic Whip  The Ten Most Rat-Infested Cities in 2017  A School Cancels Halloween Celebrations . . . But Decides to Have a “Black and Orange Spirit Day” Instead  Snapchat Is Selling a Dancing Hot Dog Halloween Costume  The Ten Most Influential Websites of All Time  If You Could Only ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/18/17

 A Thief Hides in a Suitcase and Raids Other People’s Luggage During a Bus Trip  A Kid Fights Off an Evil Clown by Beating Him Up with a Selfie Stick  Have You Ever Flossed With a Piece of Paper? How About Your Hair?  Sex Injuries Are Now the Number One Way Couples Hurt Themselves?  Time to Rediscover Your Lazy Side ... Read More »