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Chainsaw Wielding Man Robs Convenience Store While Wearing Flower Pot on His Head

You really can’t make that sort of thing up.


A teenager in Ipswich, Australia by the name of Frank Steele has been arrested after robbing a 7-Eleven station at 4:30am with a chainsaw while wearing a overturned flower pot on his head. Two shop attendants claim the young man came into the store and assaulted them with the woodworking device while they were cleaning a coffee machine, forcing them into the back room of the store. Police were immediately notified but while they were on their way the man broke a window, several display racks, exposed his rear end to the store clerks, and damaged a parked car before stumbling out into the night.


This was not a simple act of deranged would-be murder however. According to the store attendants the man demanded money, hence the clever use of a flower pot to conceal his appearance, but only walked out of the store with a pilfered soda and his slasher movie weapon of choice.


Police en route to the scene found the man walking down a nearby street and later found the discarded logging tool in a bush adjacent to the gas station. It is believed that the saw was also stolen.


The total number of charges comes to one count of armed robbery, one count of public nuisance, two counts of willful damage, one count of possessing suspected stolen property, and one count of using arms to cause fear for a total of six charges for one drunken slasher-gardener spree. No bail has been posted and Steele will be in custody until the case goes to court on March 3rd

Photo courtesy of The Queensland Times www.qt.com.au