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Chris Adler Speaks About Lamb of God’s “As The Palaces Burn” Documentary Film

Drummer Chris Adler recently spoke with Artisan News about the upcoming documentary, “As The Palaces Burn” which documents the bands experience surrounding the manslaughter trial of singer and frontman Randy Blythe due to a death at one of their shows in the Czech Republic in 2012.


Unlike many other band DVD’s which feature behind the scenes footage or a live performance in order to promote the band, this documentary was handled by outside parties. Adler explained, “We weren’t in charge of the documentary film crew, so we weren’t their boss. The record label had paid them to make this movie so they were, although friendly and very professional, they weren’t really being told what to do by us.”


The film has already done well amongst fans at the premiere, however the band finds the documentary to be an uncomfortable experience according to Adler. “It went well, sold out you know, great attendance. People were very excited to see the film, very excited to see us back together on stage you know announcing the film, but as soon as it came on the band immediately left the venue. It’s just tough for us to watch you know? We lived through it once, seeing it now again just kind of puts us back in that terrifying spot of what it was and it wasn’t the movie we wanted to make. We’re not actors; we’re part of this documentary that really is a very unfortunate turn of events.”


The short interview with Chris Adler can be found here. The film will hit most theaters on Thursday, February 27th however a complete list of theaters and dates can be found through the main website, asthepalacesburn.com.