UCrew Update

Corey Beaulieu Talks About Trivium’s Live Performances

With UFest just around the corner (get your tickets here) and a recently completed North American Tour under their belts, Trivium has remained quite busy these last few months. And with good reason. Their latest album, “Vengeance” has received widespread acclaim, selling 17,000 copies in the United States on it’s first week alone, then coming in at No. 2 in Japan, and hitting anywhere between Top 25 and Top 10 in several countries.


In a interview with Music Radar, guitarist Corey Beaulieu talked about the band’s process when it comes to live shows, where the term “Bolo Solo” comes from, and the pride they take in performing on stage in front of an audience.


Trivium is set to preform at Ufest on Saturday, April 12th at Quail Run Park. Tickets are on sale now, so get them before they jump in price!