UCrew Update

Dave Brockie of GWAR Has Died

According to Style Weekly, the founding member of Gwar, Dave Brockie, has passed away.  GWAR was a band that needed to been seen in person to truly understand the greatness that Dave had created.  GWAR had a stage show that would make everyone leave looking like a snow cone from all of the fake blood that was pumped on to the crowd.  It was some of the most grotesque antics that I had ever seen and made me want more of it.  I always wondered what celebrity they would disembowel in effigy onstage the next time they rolled through town.  These genius special effect artists and prop masters transformed their craft into one of the most memorable metal bands around.

Dave was also well known for his comical and somewhat harsh views on most things in the news media that he voiced through his character, Oderus.  His Twitter feed was always entertaining.  All of his interviews and video shorts were memorable and hilarious.  Oderus “trick or treating” in a suburban neighborhood, what could go wrong?  Nothing, unless you hate things that are hilarious.

Apparently roommates have found Dave’s body Sunday evening according to sources close to Style Weekly.  Many people close to Dave have already been posting on Facebook that they cannot believe this happened.  We will let you know when more information becomes available.