UCrew Update

Dave Lombardo Open To Joining Megadeth


Dave Lombardo formally of Slayer is open to the idea of joining Megadeth after the announcement of the bands drummer Shawn Drover quits. A gentleman by the name of Philip went to Lombardo’s drum clinic that he held in Switzerland on November, 26th and said Lombardo is very open to the idea of joining Megadeth:

“I have just returned from [former SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave] Lombardo’s clinic in Geneva, Switzerland (on November 26), which was very impressive.

“During the autograph session, Dave made it clear that he was open to the possibility of joining MEGADETH if the invitation were extended to him.

“As Dave was signing my copy of FANTÔMAS’ ‘The Director’s Cut’, I mentioned that MEGADETH are in need of a new drummer as of yesterday. Lombardo looked up with a big smile and said, before a number of other fans (verbatim): ‘I know. I just heard. Dave [Mustaine] has my number, so I’m waiting.’ He looked up at us, grinned, and moved on to sign the next fan’s item. He might have made this reply in jest, but if nothing more, this indicates that Lombardo is open to the possibility of replacing MEGADETH’s Shawn Drover. He appeared genuinely interested in the opportunity.

It would be awesome if Lombardo joined Megadeth! Maybe they could record another thrash masterpiece like “Rust In Peace.”