UCrew Update


Join Fitz for Session 4 of the 98KUPD Dungeons and Dragons night for an ALL-NEW 3-hour one-shot adventure: Strike of the Swelling Serpent brought to you by The Silver Key Lounge.

King Flynn has declared: “I have had it with these magic-using snakes in this mother of dragons dungeon!”. The king’s dungeon is rotten with snakes, snake puns, and snakes aplenty and he needs 5 brave adventurers to rid the kingdom of this serpentine menace.

Fitz is your Dungeon Master, October 9th for a 3-hour game at the 98KUPD studios and you are invited!

Not a player but curious to learn more about Dungeons and Dragons? You’re welcome to come by and check out the game. Email Fitz directly, fitz@98kupd.com, to get on the observer’s list.

Thanks to The Silver Key Lounge

And thanks to Ugirl Griffin Maria who is working up a special costume for this adventure.

Thanks to Lou Malnati’s for providing food!

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