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E3 Recap: Games To Watch Out For Part 1 of 4

If you have never heard of E3 and you are involved in the gaming world, you should be ashamed of yourself, but it’s never too late to learn! The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Superbowl trade show of video/PC games and related products. It’s 3 days of exploring new video games and products being released within the next year, but day 0 is where its at. Day 0 gives you the press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo and Playstation plus other popular game developers such as UbiSoft and EA. Being your friendly local gamer, it would be a CRIME if I didn’t touch base on it. So this year, I spent some time (wasting valuable gaming hours mind you) to watch the future of gaming and presenting it to you faster than it took me to watch 12-13 hours of video. Hopefully you enjoy it because honestly, I was #schoolgirlgiddy watching all of it! Let me know which games you all are excited for in the comments section below.


Call of Duty: Advanced Wafare – To be honest, I’m getting bored with the COD Franchise. They haven’t done a compelling story line for campaign mode in years. But, I am interested to see how Kevin Spacey’s performance in the game is going to affect ANYTHING. As far as gameplay goes, Its looking pretty cut and paste. I understand it’s supposed to be “advanced warfare” but they took a lot of awesome abilities of Titanfall, dumbed them down a bit and slapped the COD title on it.

For all you die hards: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes out November 4th, 2014. (Xbox one, 360, PS3, PS4)


Evolve – The creators of Left 4 Dead are bringing a different idea of game playing to our consoles with this #4v1 game. You have the option to be a part of a team of 4 (Hunters) or you could be a team of 1 (The Monster). The premise is simple, you are hunting each other based on how you enjoy playing either with a team, or by yourself. Though the Monster may seem like he’s completely outnumbered, his strengths and abilities make up for it. Beta’s will be available exclusively for Xbox One in the near future so be on the look out.

Evolve releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC October 21st, 2014


Assassin’s Creed: Unity – This is the first year where you will be able to start your own “Brotherhood” with your friends online. Though I have never really been a fan of sneak and stealthy games, this one looks extremely intriguing. Especially the kills/takedowns in this game… (Shwing!) Just check out the game play and all the visually stimulating detail of 18th century Paris during the French Revolution.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC October 28th, 2014


Dragon Age: Inquistion – I’ve never played any of the Dragon Age games. I wish I could tell you more but all I have is this YouTube video that told me nothing… :-( maybe someone could enlighten us?

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on Xbox One, 360, PS3, 4 and PC on October 7th, 2014


Sunset Overdrive: A new game series coming out the looks both fun, inviting plus, effing HILARIOUS! It’s everything you love about grinding rails in Tony Hawk games and shooting aliens at the same time! This game looks just as fun and awesome as Saints Row IV was. Just watch the video, it explains better than I would 😀

Sunset Overdrive is set to release exclusively on Xbox One October 28th, 2014


For more games please check out part 2 of this E3 recap series

– Mo!