UCrew Update

Foo Fighters agree to play a show that has been completely crowd funded

What would you do, if an ex-girlfriend came back, asked you to marry them and before you even had time to answer, they have already paid for the wedding? I think the words “Run Bro” comes to mind. But, If you’re a town, that hasn’t seen their favorite band in over 15 years, I’m sure others wouldn’t mind joining your cause to get that band to play there. Which is exactly what happened in Richmond, Virginia. Andrew Goldin launched a campaign back in March on Crowdhoster to bring The Foo Fighters back to Richmond since their last show in 1998. Goldin breaks it down in the video but the plan was to sell 1400 tickets to for a concert in 2014 that the band hasn’t even agreed to yet. At the end of it all, over 500 backers donated a total of $70,026 and over met the goal by $26 bucks. So with everyone in the VA that donated pretty ecstatic, The Foo’s, being the good guys that they are, agreed to play the unscheduled crowdsourced show sometime this year. Dave Grohl responded via Twitter “See ya soon…let’s have a good time. #RVA”. So with the show funded and the band confirmed, no details have been released yet on when and what venue the show is happening at. But in the meantime, you can watch the fine folks of RVA and their entertaining video below.

- Mo!