May the best Breast win!

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ChrystalZahn - i'm not going to say this girl doesn't have a nice rack cause she does... but i did notice how much her boobs have grown just by switching her bra...  

jared - nice padding


sereicikas - They look exactly the same size.  

ChrystalZahn - felix i remember your butt from frys, thought this might be your friend when i saw the piercing... but dude her boobs did appear to become fuller bigger in this pink bra. shes standing straight on and now all of a sudden her bra goes over her arm. i'm not going to hate on a pic just to hate...but theres the prinicpal here... this is the rack ta gon... not about personality... i personally think it looks a lil padded...


ChrystalZahn - i dont hate on small tits her purple pic was hot just didn't like that they grew like that... felt fooled


sereicikas - isn't that what bras do?  

cathyanderson - I love this bra. I'm an active 38DD. Great fit and support without an underwire. I didn't think it could be done. I'll be buying bali 3573