Joined the military, had a baby and still I'm known for the happy face on my arm!

Rebel Ink Tattoo is an award winning tattoo business in Arizona with 2 Valley Locations in Goodyear and ***** Creek.  Rebel Ink Tattoo has specialty artists that provide top quality work in styles such as: tribal, portrait, script, polynesian, black and grey, and much more.  Rebel Ink also has specialty piercers on location that are highly trained and able to provide any piercings you are looking for.  With 3 Years of service in the Valley, Rebel Ink is teaming up with KUPD in this Ugly Tattoo Cover Up Contest to help rid the world of bad tattoos and replace them with tattoos that people are proud to have!



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yoshi - Please get rid of that happy face!  

phoenixfallout - I happen to know that this military dad with a REALLY UGLY tattoo is on his 3rd deployment in 4yrs! What better way to welcome him back then with an awesome cover up of that very stupid happy face!!!  

brandy.dunn.507's picture

brandy.dunn.507 - What a moving image. It would be more so if that "smiley face" could become a portrait of his beautiful daughter...then when he is away serving us all, at least he can see and show off his baby girl any time he wanted!