My Lily looks like a Vagina


 (Clearer CLoser pic) Believe it or not this is a "professional" tattoo. The cost was $80 plus my $20 tip. It was the 3rd tattoo I got at 2 Cats Tats in Peoria, but the last. A guy named A-Cat did my first 2 tattoo and they are still perfect 10 years later. This one is garbage done by some arrogant punk that thought I was a Nub. He made his own design rather than the one I asked for and now my Calla Lily looks like a pu$$y. I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose, because about half way through the tattoo he said


 "So this is your first tattoo huh?" with a tone of “I’m so much cooler than you”


 I said “no it's my 6th.” and I showed him my back piece. His entire attitude changed after that, but I still have a coin purse on my dang foot. This tattoo is supposed to represent my love for my daughter, it was a gift for my first Mother’s day, and I absolutely hate it.

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Give the tattoo you think ***** to be covered up a "thumbs up" or like the image.



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