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Gamer Goes Into A Coma After 4-Liters of Energy Drinks

Every gamer has been there. It’s about 3AM, you and your friends have been racking up the killstreaks like they are commission checks and you are a shady car salesman. Your body is crying out for sleep while your friends cry out for a UAV and all you want, all you need is a slight pick me up for one more game. At that point every gamer has reached for that oh so important nectar of the gods, caffeine. And while I myself have put down enough soda and coffee in one sitting to kill a small gerbil, one kind has gone beyond the event horizon and has actually ended up in the hospital.

14-year old Henrik Eide Dahl of Norway was hospitalized for kidney failure after drinking 4 liters of energy drinks in a 16 hour span while playing Call of Duty at a LAN party. He slipped into a coma, and spent nearly two weeks in the hospital recovering from damage to his kidneys, lungs, cardiovascular and nervous systems. There has been no word on whether or not the caffeine in the drinks was the sole cause of Dahls coma, due to the fact that energy drinks commonly contain a wide array of chemicals and stimulants.

While I’m sure there will be quite a few parties who attempt to throw the blame for this incident at either the energy drinks or video games, one must remember that caffeine is in fact a drug. Though energy drinks may not be the healthiest choice, anything in excess can be life threatening, even water. The fact of the matter is someone chose to put an exceptional amount of a drug into their system in a short period of time. Ultimately the consequences of their actions are on them. Besides, everyone knows you aren’t supposed to pass out from putting poison into your body until you are 21. Then no one cares.