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Ghost Takes Home Swedish “Grammis” for Best Hard Rock/Metal

Yesterday, February 19th Sweden held it’s Grammis awards (the Swedish equivalent of the Grammys) in Stockholm and the popular Swedish occult metal band Ghost walked away with the award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album for their sophomore record, “Infestissumam”.


While the band has received a significant amount of negative feedback in the United States due to their image and subject matter, the bands recent album still sold close to 14,000 copies and hit No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart. In other countries however, most notably their native country of Sweden, the band has done exceedingly well coming in at No. 1.


During an interview with ARTISTdirect, one of the nameless ghouls [members of the band] talked about their recent album saying, “It feels way more theatrical and bombastic. In many ways, ‘Infestissumam’ is thematically a continuation of where ‘Opus Eponymous’ began. Whereas a lot of the thematic ideas we have in mind for upcoming albums might differ a little bit and will go in another direction. That’s not to say we won’t sing about the things we do and not have makeup. I’m just saying it will evolve into other things in the future. On this record, I feel like we’re doing a lot of things we intended to do on the first naively being we could pull off a show like that at that point – which we couldn’t. Now, we have a little bit more muscle. The attendance is probably more in accordance with being able to present a show like that.”