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Grindhouse Film “WolfCop” Is A Real Movie And The Trailer Is Nuts

By Thomas Cowley





With the news of Hollywood officially backing a movie based of the marshmallow treat “Peeps“, as well as a live action Barbie movie, I really should not be surprised by what gets turned into a feature film these days. Then again, until this morning I had not seen the trailer for the upcoming grindhouse style film, WolfCop. Think you know what it is about? Yeah, well you are probably right.


Yes, coming to theaters is a new schlock film, WolfCop, is the story of a hack alcoholic cop who becomes a werewolf, and then continues to live his life fighting crime with his newfound powers. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it. It’s as if another Machete sequel was developed while people were bored at a Halloween party.


The movie looks funny enough, and may have some good moments, especially if you were a fan of Machete and if they are going to make a Peeps movie, then certainly this has to be better than that. I mean, it has a werewolf for crying out loud! How can you mess that up? Right? Oh, wait, Twilight…yeah never mind.


“WolfCop” hits Canada on June 6th, but won’t be in U.S. theaters until September.