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GTA 5 Players Fly Planes Through “Vinewood” Sign

A game like Grand Theft Auto may have a good story, tight controls, and fun multiplayer, but in a sandbox game it ultimately comes down to players creating their own fun. I myself have tried the GTA version of jousting, as well as the rooftop car derby death match, but this looks like a whole lot of fun from something so simple.

A group on YouTube by the name of 8-Bit Bastard challenged the lobby they were playing with to try and successfully fly a plane or helicopter of their choice through the “D” in the Vinewood sign. What follows is 4 fantastic moments of near-success and spectacular failures. Some people use biplanes, 747’s cargo planes, jets, and everything in between.

Rockstar Games even sent out a tweet about the stunt. Whether or not you have the game, it is definitely worth checking out. I certainly know what I will be doing with my friends later tonight.