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The Brady Report 9/19/14


The Brady Report for 9/19/14   Brady-O Video Ready For Octoberfest? This Girl Is Soccer Player Leaps Over Fence And Falls Into A Random Hole   World’s Grumpiest Frog Woman Post Video On Facebook Of Her Cooking Meth Teenager Crashes Car After Friend Lights His Armpit Hair On Fire Wal-Mart In Mexico Is In Trouble For Cockfighting NFL Ravens Player Retires ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/18/14


The Brady Report for 9/18/14   Brady-O Video Hamster Vs Kobayashi Eating Challenge   Homeless 26 Yr Old Survives By Picking Up Women & Goes Home With Them   Couple Hooks Up With Homeless Man For A Threesome – Husband Fights Homeless Man Old Man Puts Porn In His Window To Annoy His Neighbors Worst First Date Ever Results In ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/17/14


The Brady Report for 9/17/14   Brady-O Video Ukrainian Politician Thrown In Dumpster Woman Commits Suicide Via Crocodiles Kid Rubs His Junk On Customer’s Pizza Parents Let Baby Hangout Near Cliff New Barbie Says WTF? Facebook For Rich People – $9000 To Join Man Dates Three Girls At The Same Time – They Confront Him At The Airport Man Catches ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/15/14


The Brady Report for 9/15/14   Brady-O Video Rory Mcllroy Hit a Drive , and the ball landed in a fan’s pocket. Olive Garden’s Investors Told Them To Stop Giving Away So Many Free Breadsticks. Scientists Think They’ve Found A New Source Of Helpful Drugs…In Your Lady Parts. 23 Year Old Has Heart Attack While Donating Sperm. 240 Pound Woman ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/11/14

kiss to escape handcuffs

The Brady Report for 9/11/14   Brady -O Video A Guy Plays “99 Red Balloons”… On Actual Red Balloons. The 10 Most Respected Professions. 2 Women Post Ad On Craigslist Looking For “Fall Boyfriends”. Women Who Shave Bikini Line Run The Risk Of Infection. A Woman Pulls A Gun On A Gardener Because Of Noise. Stripper Helps Boyfriend Get Out ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/10/14


The Brady Report for 9/10/14   Brady-O Video Guy Backed Out Of His Garage , Right Before A Tornado Destroyed It. The 12 most tortured sports cities in the US. Women sets boyfriend on fire because he was texting. Man stabs coworker for eating his meatball. Guy busted for smuggling meth pipe in his fat rolls. Fugitive Game   Read More »

The Brady Report 9/9/14


The Brady Report for 9/9/14   Brady-O Video Woman Streaks Across Field Is Tackeled By Security – Crowd Boos Security   Naked Man Tries to Carjack Three People Teenagers Break Into Home To Have Sex – Neighbor Thought They Were Burglars And Calls The Cops Woman Caught Self-Pleasuring on Motorcycle in Her Garage Lesbian Couple Marries After 72 Years Together Israeli ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/8/14


The Brady Report for 9/8/14   Brady-O Video Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea   Jack the Ripper Identified? Woman Found After Being Held Captive in a Cage For Two Months Want A House For #139 Million? Drunk Driver Turns Himself In To The Cops Man Hiding From Cops Found By Little Girl – Pretends ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/5/14


The Brady Report for 9/5/14   Brady-O Video NFL Retro Commercial Compilation   Wild World – Giant Shrimp Caught  Man “Takes Care of Himself” Into A Female Coworkers Coffee Baby Fight Club? – Video Of Children Being Encouraged To Fight Dirty Diaper Mushrooms 9/10 Women Have Taken Naked Selfies And Only 8% Regret It Dog Eats 43 1/2 Socks Man ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/4/14


The Brady Report for 9/4/14   Brady-O Video GoPro Footage Of Dog Running Into The Ocean Man With No Arms & No Legs Has No Problems   Man Stabs His Roommate For Being Too Loud During A Threesome Man Pantsed A Woman – A U.S. Marshall – She Chases Him Down & Beats Him Dog Falls Off 1,000ft Cliff – ... Read More »