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The Brady Report 10/24/17

 (NC-17) A Man Gets Pulled Over Wearing a Thong and Covered in Vaseline  A Random Local Dude Won the Venice Marathon After All the Pros Made a Wrong Turn  “Travel & Leisure’s” Favorite Cities for Food and Friendliness . . . and the Best Cities Overall  The 10 Most Common Superstitions  It’s Finally Happened: Women Say It’s a Turn Off ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/23/17

 A Woman Violates a Ban From Walmart Because “The Cake Is Too Good to Stay Away”  Eight People Are Facing Charges After the “Twerking Olympics” Goes Wrong  You’re Not Old Today Until You’re 83 . . . and the Top Things That Make People Feel Young  “Dad Dancing” Starts at Age 37, but It’s Only the Fourth Most-Embarrassing Thing Dads ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/19/17

 A Guy Knocks Out the Power to a Store Using an Erotic Whip  The Ten Most Rat-Infested Cities in 2017  A School Cancels Halloween Celebrations . . . But Decides to Have a “Black and Orange Spirit Day” Instead  Snapchat Is Selling a Dancing Hot Dog Halloween Costume  The Ten Most Influential Websites of All Time  If You Could Only ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/18/17

 A Thief Hides in a Suitcase and Raids Other People’s Luggage During a Bus Trip  A Kid Fights Off an Evil Clown by Beating Him Up with a Selfie Stick  Have You Ever Flossed With a Piece of Paper? How About Your Hair?  Sex Injuries Are Now the Number One Way Couples Hurt Themselves?  Time to Rediscover Your Lazy Side ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/17/17

 A Guy Takes One Day Off Work and Gets Busted for Stealing $1.2 Million Worth of Fajitas?  A Dad Finds His Daughter in a Hotel Room With Her Boyfriend and Shoots the Guy in the Groin  It Turns Out Every WiFi Network in the World Is Vulnerable to Hackers and There’s Really Nothing You Can Do…  The Hamburger Helper Hand ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/16/17

 A Couple Gets Caught Having Sex in a Bar Bathroom . . . and Then Again in a Port-a-Potty Outside  A Robbery Victim Asks the Robber, “Cleveland, Is That You?” . . . and He Responds “No, It’s Not Me”  A Man Is Wounded During a Shootout at a Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona . . . Yes, in 2017  A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/6/17

 A Burglar at a Restaurant Cooks Himself a Meal . . . and Does Such a Good Job, the Owner Says He’d Probably…  A High School Is Evacuated and Five People Are Hospitalized Over a Strange Smell . . . From a Pumpkin Spice…  A Company Called Dong Energy Has Finally Decided to Change Its Name  We’re Much More Willing ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/5/17

 A Drunk Guy Tells the Cops He’s a Time Traveler Here to Prevent an Invasion By the Aliens Who Filled Him…  A Couple Robs a House That Was Vacated During Hurricane Irma . . . But Gets Caught When One of Them Leaves…  A 67-Year-Old Stabbed His Grandson in the Arm Over a Donut  A Guy Gets Threats After Neighbors ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/4/17

 A Couple Won’t Stop Having Loud Car Sex . . . and the Guy Gets Mad at a Cop For “Blocking” Him  A Guy Is Busted Doing Dangerous Highway Motorcycle Tricks in a Full Panda Costume  Stupid Photo of the Day: The “Boyfriend of the Year” Switches Shoes With His Girlfriend and Wears Her…  A Court Rules That Just Putting ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/3/17

A Guy Stages a Robbery to Make It Easier When He Breaks Up With His Girlfriend  Researchers Have Proved We’re Not Living in a “Matrix”-Type Simulation Adding “Pumpkin Spice” to Your Online Dating Profile Will Get You 8% More Matches  People Who Like Shopping Get More Pleasure From It Than From Sex The Top Ten Cities for Happy Hour  A ... Read More »