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Steven The Tree Guy


See what Steven The Tree Guy has to say….. Thanks to Juan and Joe Comedy for putting together this video. Check out there other stuff here. Read More »

The Brady Report 5/31/17


Would You Confuse Dog Treats For Bacon? A New Lawsuit Says Yes A T-Mobile Salesman Is Busted For Sending Himself a Female Customer’s Sex Video 14 More Billionaires Signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s “Giving Pledge” Would You Lick These Things For $20? A College Student Holds His Math Professor Hostage Until She Lets Him Take a Make-Up Test Read More »

The Brady Report 5/30/17


Your Meanest Friend Cares About You the Most Wine Glasses Have Gotten 700% Larger in the Past Three Centuries A Teacher Gives Students Awards For “Most Likely to Become a Terrorist” and “Most Likely to Blend in with… One Out of Three People Has Had Their Lunch Stolen at Work Two Fisherman Get Caught With an Illegal Amount of Bass ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/26/17


Pink Pineapples Are Now on Sale and Taking Over Social Media Stupid Photo of the Day: A Couple’s Wedding Pictures Get Photobombed By Two Horny Cows A Bear Tears the Bumper Off a Car Trying to Get to the Donuts Inside A New Study Finds the Age When Women Have the Best Sex of Their Lives 50 Smugglers Snuck 5,000 ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/25/17


63% of People Eat in Their Car Every Single Day Is This Woman Really the Most Attractive Criminal in England? (NC-17) Fidget Spinner Porn Is the Hottest Thing on Pornhub Right Now Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Drug . . . Meth Is the Least Safe A Dude Dresses Like a Lady to Hide From the Cops . . . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/24/17


The Best Thing You Can Do on a First Date Is Drink Bloody Marys and Eat Fried Chicken The More Selfies a Couple Takes, the Less Likely They Are to Stay Together A Truck Plows Into a Company Called AnalTech and Releases a Nasty Odor (NC-17) Three Coworkers Are Busted Having an Outdoor Afternoon Threesome Read More »

The Brady Report 5/23/17


The Number One Thing Kids Today Want to Be When They Grow Up Is . . . a YouTube Star A Woman Bought Costume Jewelry for $15 at a Flea Market . . . Turns Out It’s Real and Worth $450,000 A Neo-Nazi Converted to Islam . . . Then Killed His Neo-Nazi Roommates For Not Respecting His Religion A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/19/17


One in Four Women Aren’t Shaving Their Armpits Anymore A New Sandwich Uses a Giant Pickle as the Bun A Woman Finds Out Her Hotel Manager Fiancé Is Cheating . . . Through TripAdvisor Reviews A Pizza Hut Employee Pepper Sprays a Coworker During a Fight Over Toppings Read More »

The Brady Report 5/18/17


Beauty Sleep Is Real . . . If You Don’t Sleep Enough, You’re Ugly Believe It or Not, You Can Speak Your Dog’s Language A Walmart Shopper Puts a Runaway Deer in an MMA Headlock A Kid Needs Emergency Surgery After Swallowing a Piece of a Fidget Spinner A Woman With Meth Tries the “I’m Pregnant and Have to Poop” ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/17/17


Rompers For Men Have Arrived Chanel Is Selling a $1,325 Boomerang and No One Likes It Want a Box of “Marshmallow Only” Lucky Charms? Now’s Your Chance (NC-17) Police Are Looking For a Guy Dressed as a Giant Penis Who Broke a Man’s Shin A Guy Beat His Mom For Waking Him Up When He Was Passed Out Drunk on ... Read More »