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The Brady Report 5/16/18

 A Guy Is Shocked He Was Busted For Taking Upskirt Photos at Walmart Since His Lawyer Told Him It Was Legal  A Burglar Is Caught on a Security Camera Stopping to Dance in the Middle of His Break-In Here Are the Drunkest and Least Drunk Cities in America  Hummus Shakes Are Now a Thing? A Woman Got Fired for Baking ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/15/18

 A Drunk Guy’s Roommates Drew on His Face, So He Retaliated by Setting the Garage on Fire  A Mother and Son Are Arrested After an Argument About Getting Drunk on Mother’s Day A Mom Renames Her Son to Match Her Tattoo Artist’s Misspelling  Jeans with the Butt Cheeks Ripped Out Are Now on Sale  “Short Man Syndrome” Is Real, According ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/14/18

 A Guy Got Shot During an Argument About Peach Cobbler  A Man Tries to Hide His Legless Fugitive Girlfriend Inside a Plastic Storage Container (NC-17) A Woman Is Up to 600% More Likely to Climax If She Blows Her Nose Before Getting-It-On  Some Parents Are Changing Fairy Tales to Make Them More Politically Correct  The Top Baby Names Last Year ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/10/18

 Sharks Have Surprisingly Sophisticated Taste in Music  Warning: Don’t Wear Yoga Pants For an MRI, or They Could Burn to Your Skin  Couples Who Split the Chores Evenly Have More Sex  72% of Women Own More Than 21 Pairs of Shoes  40% of Us Think Our Mom Has Pretended to Like a Mother’s Day Gift Read More »

The Brady Report 5/9/18

A Man Took Too Long at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, So a 91-Year-Old Behind Him Fired a Warning Shot  There Are New Self-Chilling Cans That Can Instantly Cool Themselves . . . and They’re at 7-Eleven?  Google’s New Products Will Write Emails and Make Phone Calls For You Pornhub is now selling socks with porn stars’ faces on them . . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/8/18

 Inmates Just Got Busted Running an Illegal Diamond Mine Underneath the Prison  A Man Who Looks Like Santa Kept Sneaking Into a Neighbor’s Home and Leaving Her Sexy Underwear A Guy Is Busted For Drunkenly Mowing a Stranger’s Lawn Staying at an Airbnb Could Be More Dangerous Than You Think Introverts and Extroverts Both Like to Skip Parties . . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/7/18

 A Woman at a 7-Eleven Tries to Heat Up Pee For a Drug Test . . . But It Explodes in the Microwave A Contact Lens That Shoots Laser Beams From Your Eyes Now Exists  A Cockroach Crawls Into a Woman’s Ear . . . and It Takes Nine Days to Get Him Out If You Want to Remember Something, ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/4/18

A Drunk Guy Won’t Stop Trying to Have Sex with the Tailpipe of a Car, Even Once the Cops Come  A Mystery Pooper Kept Defecating Outside a High School . . . Turns Out It Was Another School’s Superintendent  A Man’s Dog Disappears . . . and He Realizes It Was Stolen by an Amazon Delivery Guy  New $168 “Extreme ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/3/18

 A Guy Gets Out of Prison For Bank Robbery . . . and Robs the Same Bank the Next Day  A Couple Gets Into a Drunk Brawl Just a Few Hours After Their Wedding  “Diet Vodka” Is Now Coming From Ketel One  Photo of the Day: A Poorly-Phrased Dedication on a Park Bench Is Going Viral  Important News: The Terms ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/2/18

The Cops Have to Intervene When a Woman Who’s Sexually Attracted to Vehicles Runs Through Traffic  Budweiser’s New Beer Is Based on George Washington’s Recipe From 1757  Someone Figured Out the Temperatures That Make People Say It’s “Hot As Balls” or “Cold As Hell” Facebook Just Announced a Brand New Feature That Will Basically Turn It Into a Dating Site ... Read More »