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The Brady Report 5/16/17


Pop-Tarts With Jolly Rancher Filling Have Arrived to Kill You Half of Us Think It’s Illegal to Cut the Tag Off a Mattress, Plus Four More Sleep-Related Myths Wearing Red Doesn’t Actually Make You Sexier Being Drunk Doesn’t Change Your Personality, You’re Just More Outgoing (NC-17) An Undercover Sting Busts a Church That Was Secretly a Sex Club A Woman ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/15/17


A Mom Slaps Her 6-Year-Old for Not Making Her a Mother’s Day Card The Best Words to Use in Online Dating Are “Honest” For Men . . . and “Sexy” For Women A Bad Batch of Gas Station Nacho Cheese Causes a Botulism Outbreak A Guy Hired Prostitutes to Strip on His Neighbor’s Porch . . . 75 Different Times ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/11/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Graduating Senior Doesn’t Want to Give Back Her Cheerleading Uniform, So She Tells the Cops It Was Stolen A Woman Is Busted For Driving Drunk After Chugging Bottles of Vanilla Extract Police Are Hunting For a Couple Who Had Sex in a McDonald’s During Lunch The Ideal Number of Sexual Partners Is . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/10/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: There Are Now “Waffles and Syrup” Flavored Oreos Shouting Swear Words Makes You Physically Stronger A Man Divorces His Wife For Sharing Photos of Her Food on Snapchat A 68-Year-Old Woman Tries to Break Up a Loud Pool Party . . . and a Teenager Throws Her in the Pool A Kid Refused to ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/8/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: Crayola Finally Announces the Replacement For the Yellow Crayon They Kicked Out Science Says Picking Your Nose and Eating It Is Good For You An Elderly Deaf Man Is Fined For Playing His Porn Too Loud A Woman Tries Walking Across the Border With Two Big Bags of Heroin Strapped to Her Voluptuous Butt Read More »

The Brady Report 5/5/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Woman Swallowed $7,000 to Hide It from Her Husband Someone Returned a Guy’s Wallet 13 Years After He Lost It A Guy Killed a Squirrel With a Crossbow Because He Didn’t Like How It Was Looking at Him A Bathing Suit Company’s Viral Marketing Stunt Accidentally Went Too Well What Does Every State ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/3/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Woman Prays For Guidance on How to Get Revenge on Her Boyfriend . . . and Winds Up Kicking in His Windshield A Cook Thinks His Girlfriend’s Conversation With a Coworker About “Sausage” Is Sexual . . . and Chokes the Guy A Man Has Sex With a Woman After a Date . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/2/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: The Sexiest Career Is . . . Lawyer? A Guy and His Grown Son Recreate a Naked, Childhood Bath Photo (NC-17) The Shape of Every Man’s Junk Falls Into One of Four Categories, According to Science A Woman Gets Caught With a Marijuana Pipe and Blames It on Her Stepdaughter Remember that giant rabbit ... Read More »