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Holmberg’s Morning Sickness

Holmberg’s Morning Sickness is broadcast live every weekday from 5:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on 98 KUPD, Arizona’s Real Rock. John Holmberg is joined by co-hosts Brady Bogan, Creepy-E and Dick Toledo. Listen everyday as we interview comedians, talk smack to callers, and generally offend! If you miss any of the nonsense during the week you can catch HMS Rewind every Saturday from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

In 2016 we will be bringing you all your favorites including; MILF contest, UGirls, and Playdio!

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The Brady Report 8/25/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: You’re the Most Miserable in Your 20s and 30s . . . and Happier As You Get Older A 74-Year-Old Agreed to Go Skydiving with His Grandson, and It Saved His Life A Woman Is So Upset at a Grocery Store She Drives Inside and Up and Down the Aisles A Man Told a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/24/16

This giant pearl could be the biggest ever found in the world - after being handed in by a FISHERMAN. See SWNS story SWPEARL; The man, who has not been identified, found the priceless 34kg gem ten years ago in sea off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines. He didn't know the potential eye-watering value and kept it as a 'good luck charm' in his rundown wooden home. But a fire at the property earlier this year forced him to have a clear out and move house.

Brady Report Brought To You By: A Fisherman Who Found a Pearl Worth $100 Million Has Kept It Under His Bed For a Decade A Waitress Gets a Racist Message Instead of a Tip: “We Only Tip Citizens” Three Guys in New York Are Busted With $1 Million Worth of Stolen Barbecued Eels? McDonald’s had to recall those fitness trackers ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/22/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: The Eight Most Comforting Sounds Include Birds, the Shower, and the Radio A Woman Tries to Take a Cool Photo on Her First Day Living in L.A. . . . and Dies When She Falls Off a Cliff A 31-Year-Old Fugitive Has Been Hiding by Disguising Himself as an Old Man The Top 10 ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/18/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Guy Waiting For His Wife to Give Birth Is Accidentally Given Hemorrhoid Surgery If You Make a Backup Plan, You Will Fail Your Dog Likes Belly Rubs More Than Getting a Treat? A Cop Breaks a Car Window to Rescue a Baby . . . Then Realizes It’s a Doll A Dad Accidentally ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/17/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: Drinking Out of Your Water Bottle Is Less Sanitary Than Licking the Toilet Seat Two People in Pig Masks Harass “Pokemon Go” Players, Then Have Public Sex A Guy Flashes His Junk in Front of a Cop . . . and Admits That Was “Stupid” A Drunk Guy Goes to Pick Up His Impounded ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/16/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Trucker Got a Woman’s Number from a Bathroom Stall, and They Fell in Love Men’s Hands Today Are Weaker Than Their Fathers’ We Waste 10% of Our Groceries, and 7% of the Food in Restaurants The Latest Food Mashup Is the Mufgel . . . Half Muffin, Half Bagel A Woman Kicks Her ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/15/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: Men Are Better at Parking Than Women A Guy Has Been Stealing Beer by Dressing as a Beer Delivery Man Deep Fried Twinkies Are Now on Sale Everywhere A Guy Sleeping in a Dumpster Survives a Trash Compactor A cop in Oregon was cited for an incident in March, where he crashed his patrol ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/12/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: You Hit the Wall at Work at Exactly 2:22 P.M. Panda Express Unveils the ‘Chork’ . . . A Fork That’s Also Chopsticks The Hot Trend in Plastic Surgery Is Men Adding Girth to Their Junk A Woman Went Skinny Dipping, Then Kicked a Cop in the Groin A Man Says His Girlfriend Brought ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/11/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Judge Banned a Guy From Ordering Pizza A Guy Smuggled a Monkey Onto a Plane in His Shirt . . . Even Though It Was a Service Animal? Snapchat yanked down a new filter yesterday after people said it was racist against Asian people Plane Crash Survivor Wins $1 Million Lottery Jackpot 6 ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/10/16


Brady Report Brought To You By: The M&M Halloween Flavor This Year Is Butterscotch A Study Finds You Shouldn’t Do Volunteer Work Until You’re 40 A Guy Chases His Flight Down the Runway, and They Actually Let Him On . . . But He Got Arrested An Armed Robber Steals a Guy’s Dentures at Walmart A Sexy College Coed Bit ... Read More »