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Holmberg’s Morning Sickness

Holmberg’s Morning Sickness is broadcast live every weekday from 5:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on 98 KUPD, Arizona’s Real Rock. John Holmberg is joined by co-hosts Brady Bogen, Creepy-E and Dick Toledo. Listen everyday as we interview comedians, talk smack to callers, and generally offend! If you miss any of the nonsense during the week you can catch HMS Rewind every Saturday from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

In 2017 we will be bringing you all your favorites including; MILF contest, UGirls, and Playdio!

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The Brady Report 11/29/17

Police Catch a Hit-and-Run Drunk Driver When She Stops to Pee in the Middle of the Street  Homes on Streets with Names Like “Butt Road” Are Cheaper Than Houses on Less Embarrassing Streets  Stupid Photo of the Day: The One Single Woman in Her Family’s Christmas Card Is Becoming a Viral Hero  You Can Now Register For Baby Gifts at ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/28/17

A Guy Committed Arson 12 Times Because He Was Stressed Over Job Hunting A Woman Is Arrested After Barking at Her Neighbor’s Dogs  An 8-Year-Old Ditched Her Mom on Black Friday, Stole Her Car, and Tried to Outrun the Cops Dictionary.com’s Word of the Year Is “Complicit”  Upside-Down Christmas Trees Are Becoming a Big Trend This Year 93% of Americans ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/27/17

 A Woman Is Busted For Using a Flamethrower to Destroy Her Own SUV  The Best Thing to Drink If You Want to Feel Sexy Is . . . Shots  A Couple Who Love Olive Garden Are Naming Their Daughter “Olivia Garton”  Could Eating More Deep Fried Food Save the Environment?  Someone on Facebook Is Selling a “Slightly Used” Coffin  11% ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/22/17

 There’s Going to Be a Christmas Tree Shortage This Year  The Seven Holidays Where You’re Most Likely to Conceive a Baby . . . and Thanksgiving Is Number One  If You Really Want to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, Make Sure to Eat a Lot of . . . Salad?  The Ten Topics That Are Most Likely to Start a Fight on ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/21/17

 A Guy Posts on Social Media Because He Thinks the Female Orgasm Is a Myth  Only 9% of Us Think We’re More Attractive Than Our Partner  It’s Not Your Imagination: Your Parents Like Your Younger Sibling More  Does Decorating for Christmas Super-Early Make You Happier? Plus Four Other Stats About Our Decorating Habits  There’s a Restaurant Serving a $76,000 Thanksgiving ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/20/17

 A Guy Is Released From Jail and Immediately Tries to Steal an Entire Train  A Man in Pennsylvania Gets His Dying Wish: To Be Buried With Cheesesteaks  KFC Has Created an “Internet Escape Pod” . . . Which Is a Tent That Blocks You From Getting a Signal  Two-Thirds of Kids Expect You to Buy Them Everything on Their Wish ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/17/17

 A Woman Crawls Through a McDonald’s Drive-Thru to Steal Food, Cash, and Happy Meal Toys  Have You Ever Snuck in a Text When Your Phone Was Supposed to be Off on a Plane?  Half of Women Have Used the Men’s Bathroom Because the Women’s Line Was Too Long  40% of Us Faked a Sick Day This Year . . . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/16/17

 An Elderly Couple Get Into a Brawl Over Dirty Underwear Left Around the House  A 67-Year-Old Woman Dressed as a Turkey Was Busted For Shoplifting $1,500 of Stuff  One in Three People Think It’s Totally Fine to Floss in Public? Loud Music at Bars Makes You Drink 31% More Alcohol  21% of People Wouldn’t Give Up Their Seat on a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/15/17

A Guy’s Cocaine Falls Out of His Hat When He’s in Court Facing a Drug Charge The Ten Best Ways to Settle Into a New Neighborhood . . . and the Ten Signs You’ve Become Part of the… Who Should Get the Armrests on an Airplane?  A Dad Wants a High School to Change Its Mascot Because Cheering For “Phoenix” ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/14/17

 The Odds of You Dying from a Heart Attack During Sex Are Super Low  A Woman Calls the Cops on Her Boyfriend While She’s in a Car He Stole . . . to Try to Get the Reward Money  Domino’s Will Start Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Sure Your Pizza Isn’t Ugly  Pay Phones Still Make Hundreds of Millions of ... Read More »