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How Your Legacy Can Live On with Carla Harvey (Part 1)

For Carla Harvey, leaving a legacy isn’t just about making any type of music.  It’s about making music that makes and impact on her own life while she’s impacting others. 

As one-half of the vocals of the band the Butcher Babies, Shannon shares this previously unreleased interview (conducted in early 2017) with Carla where they discuss the making of the new Butcher Babies album–which is now out called Lilith.

Carla shares her early thoughts on the process of the making of that album and what she hopes the album can do for the band once they release it and go out on tour.  But in true Shannon fashion, he dives deeper and asks Carla where she finds her motivation to move forward in her desire to leave a legacy. 

Learn about Carla’s upbringing as a child, her thoughts on critics, her obsession with death and career as a mortician. She also reveals how she uses these obsessions help others in their grief with something unique.