Marcus Meng Interviews Mike D'Antonio from Killswitch Engage

A few hours before the show, I was able to talk with the bassist of Killswitch Engage, Mike D'Antonio.  I walked onto their tour bus and was greeting by a sweet pitbull that was travelling with the band and I found out a bit later that it was Adam's girlfriend's dog.  We started toward the back of the bus and I got a bit claustrophobic walking through the sleeping bunk area.  It's a really tight fit and I'm a skinny guy.  No wonder I have heard it referenced as "coffin alley" by my bassist/tattooer friend "El."  I can completely understand the reference now.  There was a small room at the back of the bus that was a bit cramped.  It had the small shower and bathroom sink with a seating area in the back.  A quarter of the seating was taken up by the dog crate lying on top of it.  The two light fixtures on the wall on each side of the bus had a carved totum of the three "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys with a candle inspired light coming out of the top of it.  It was a small and interesting detail that made me wonder if anyone else that had been on the bus ever noticed.  Here is part 1 of the interview.  Part 2 coming next week.


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