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Islander Gets Darker For New Song



Islander have debut their new song “Darkness” which will appear on the bands new album “Power Under Control.”

Here’s a little piece from the interview that Frontman Mikey Carvajal did with Rolling Stone about the new album:

With their lineup reconstructed, Islander started writing Power Under Control, which is as much a rebirth as a follow-up. Like Violence & Destruction, the record features a broad range of styles, including nu-metal, punk, emo and alt-rock, but this time the songwriting is sharper and more experimental, the playing tighter and the narrative linear. The title of the album comes from the New Testament definition of meekness, and the songs follow the adventures of a character that starts out angry, selfish and hedonistic and gradually learns the value of love and sacrifice.

While the concept for Power Under Control is positive, many of the songs are unsettling and the path of creation was littered with frustration and pain. When they started writing, the once South Carolina-based Islander were scattered across the country: Carvajal and new bassist Ezekiel Vasquez were in Indiana, Bareis was in Arizona and Ilejay was near Los Angeles. They all agreed to work on the album in L.A. and stay with Ilejay’s parent-in-laws, which wasn’t exactly stress-free. In addition, finances were tight and during the process, a close friend of the band committed suicide.

The turmoil resounds in opening track “Darkness”, a tale of decadence and irresponsibility driven by surging down-tuned guitars, sewer-scraping bass lines and half-rapped, half-sung vocals. “Before we started writing, we turned on The Shining to set a horror-based tone,” Carvajal says. “Then we started playing and all these ugly sounds poured out of us.”