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I'm Embarrassed To Admit It, But I Really LIke Halestorm

Guys, do you suffer from an embarrassing condition? Do you find yourself unable to talk to your doctor or even a loved one?
Well guys, maybe it's time you came out of the shadows and admit that you're a Halestorm fan.
Women in rock have always had it rough. Aside from Heart and Evanescence, many female rockers have tried to capture the success and fandom enjoyed by their male counterparts, but failed.
Rock audiences are generally male dominant, therefore, its hard for men to relate to lyrics based on a woman's emotional point of view and interests, like kitty-cats, skirts and yoga pants.
Halestorm is different, the emotion is raw, the passion is authentic, the riffs are vicious and the power of vocalist of Lzzy Hale is ferocious! Her talent shines through on tracks like "I Get Off., "Love Bites" and especially when she duets with another artist, like on Device's version of "Close My Eyes Forever."
The band is made up of Lzzy on vocals and rhythm guitar, Arejay Hale on drums, Joe Hottinger on lead guitar and Josh Smith on bass.
Halestorm is loud and tight. Lzzy captures your attention through her amazing voice, beauty and stage presence. The only thing that draws your attention away from Lzzy, is her brother on the drums. Arejay Hale plays the kit like an attention starved sibling trying to please Grandma for candy. He also maybe the best drummer in the business right now. 
One can't help but hypothesize, that this rivalry between brother and sister isn't unlike the dynamic which pushed the Van Halen brothers to become masters of their craft and iconic rock legends.
Wait a minute, I can't drive around town with my windows down, iPod turned all the way up…
(through the auxiliary jack of my car stereo, shake feature turned off, and make sure you turn down your stereo's volume so you don't blow out your speakers when the the iPod starts playing).
…listening to "I Miss The Misery" and singing "OH, OH, OH-OH, OH" at the top of my lungs! People will think I'm nuts or worse, half a man.
This may be the new civil rights movement of our time. Move over gay rights and voter suppression!
We are "MEN WHO LOVE HALESTORM" and we will not be ashamed, we are "coming out," we were born this way and we will burn our jock straps in protest!
We shall not be judged when we draw Lzzy's name on our shoes, we will not be mocked when we cut our Halestorm tees into half shirts and walk around town, gladly showing off our pale, hairy mind sections, and we will proudly throw our skid marked underwear on stage to show our love for Lzzy and the Halestorm boys.
For me, the best part is, Lzzy and the guys are old school metalheads at heart. Watch YouTube videos of the band performing Dio's "Straight Through The Heart" or their rendition of "Nobody's Fool" with their hometown hero and Cinderella frontman Tom Kiefer. It's mind-blowing! It also part of the reason that makes Halestorm great! 
Just don't tell anyone I said that.


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