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R.I.P. Maynard James Keenan's Cat

In a recent Q&A with Rolling Stone Magazine, artist, winemaker and Jerome, Arizona resident Maynard James Keenan talked about his bands Tool, Puscifer, the new greatest hits release from A Perfect Circle and of course, wine. 

During the interview, MJK casually mentions that his 14 year old cat died 30 minutes before the interview took place. Upon reading this I was like, "whoa!  You mean to tell me your long time, feline companion just passed away and you have the composure to do an interview with a major publication?"
You are either very professional or a complete psycho!
At first I was surprised to hear that MJK owned a cat. That's not the pet you'd expect the world's reigning "Rock God/Musical Genius/Generational Icon" to have, right?
(remember how disappointed we were when we discovered Ozzy chasing around tiny lap dogs and not feeding pig entrails to a demonic raven?)
If you had asked me "what kind of pet MJK would have?" I'd of said, a tiger that can play frisbee golf , a great dane that rolls it's own cigarettes or a falcon that gives you a condescending glare. Definitely not a cat!
But really Mr. Keenan, who was this cat? Was his name Mr. Fluffykins? Did he sleep on your pillow above your head at night? Did you dress him up in monthly themed outfits and make your own Vista Print kitty calendar?
What if this feline was the fancy that inspired Puscifer? Or maybe it's really spelled PUSScifer…hmmm.
The bigger question is, Do you want to live in a world where one of rock n' roll's living legends is scooping cat poop out of a litter box? I think not!
Seriously, pets are great no matter if it's a cat, dog, or a llama with a passion for dance. 
Our prayers go out to the Keenan family for their loss.
If you'd like to pass on condolences, you can find Maynard on Twitter @mjkeenan.
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MermaidinaMiata - Some background on the dearly departed pussycat. She was a Sphynx hairless cat by the name of Esmerelda. In fact MJK had 2 of the little darlings but gave one away to Trent Reznor some years ago. Just a little info remembered from past interviews MJK has given :)  

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