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Foo Fighters Entertain Red Balls...

People eating at Red Balls Rock & Roll Pizza got a huge surprise the other day and by huge surprise we mean Mr. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters showed up! The band surprised people who showed up to the pizza joint for the 'Chevy Metal Christmas Dance Party' (Chevy Metal's a band that features Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins) and played for more than 2 hours. How awesome would that have been just eating some pizza and downing some cold adult beverages and all of sudden the Foo Fighters start playing.  Yeah it would have kicked ass!!!


The Foo Fighters are currently in Mexico City playing tonight and Friday. The band is also said to be in the studio wrapping up the finishing touches to their new album which will be released next year. Again we tip our hats off to one of the coolest bands around in the rock world today!

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