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Kirk Windstein Leaves Down



Kirk Windstein has posted the following message on Crowbar’s Facebook page:

Interestingly enough, Patrick Bruders, the bassist who took Rex Brown’s spot in Down,recently parted ways with Crowbar… presumably because he wasn’t ready to give up on Down and concentrate on Crowbar “100% FULL TIME.”


Metal Insider reports that Honky guitarist Bobby Ed Landgraf is Windstein’s replacement in Down, while Jeff Golden is Bruders’ replacement in Crowbar. I’m not really familiar with the prior work of either musician, but I will say this: Landgraf certainly looks like he belongs in Down.

Not gonna lie: I think losing Windstein is a major, well, downer for Down. Hopefully they can continue to come up with awesome music without the guy. Meanwhile, I’m always excited to hear what Crowbar is up to. Hopefully the aforementioned upcoming anniversary will bring some very special surprises.

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