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Mastodon Ready To Unleash "MASTODON LIVE AT BRIXTON".

Mastodon are ready to unleash "MASTODON LIVE AT BRIXTON" on Dec.10th on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retail stores. The only thing that kind of sucks about this is that there will be no physical copies of this release. Mastodon are known for their awesome CD and vinyl packages so not to get one is kind of a bummer. Below check out the track listing from the DVD as well as the trailer.


‘Mastodon Live at Brixton’ Track Listing:

‘Dry Bone Valley’
‘Black Tongue’
‘Crystal Skull’
‘I Am Ahab’
‘Capillarian Crest’
‘Colony of Birchmen’
‘Sleeping Giant’
‘Ghost of Karelia’
‘All The Heavy Lifting’
‘Curl of the Burl’
‘Bedazzled Fingernails’
‘Circle of Cysquatch’
‘Aqua Dementia’
‘Crack The Skye’
‘Where Strides The Behemoth’
‘Iron Tusk’
‘March of the Fire Ants’
‘Blood and Thunder’
‘Creature Lives’

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