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Marana woman caught naked with teen

Well if your lonely and live in San Tan Valley you’re in luck! A woman named Keri Gonzalez likes to sneak into people’s homes and sleep with you. Keri was caught this past January inside a home trying to sleep with a 15 year old boy. What the hell why couldn’t this happen when we where kids!?!? Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tim Gaffney gives a run down on what took place:


The teen’s mother was sleeping on Jan. 21 when she heard “knocking sounds by the stairs and on the wall” of her San Tan Valley home at about 2 a.m. She went to investigate and found her son’s bedroom door locked. When the teen opened it, his mother saw a naked woman crouching down on the floor between the bed and wall, according to Gaffney. She yelled at the woman to get out of her house. The woman got dressed and jumped out of the bedroom window to the ground. The victim’s mother saw her limping as she walked away from the home.

About 30 minutes later, there was a knock on the woman’s door and she found Keri Gonzalez, a family acquaintance, standing there. Gonzalez reported that she had broken her ankle when she jumped out of the window. She then left the residence. The mother told deputies that she had previously told Gonzalez to stay away from her son after she caught her flirting with him.


Gaffney also said that Gonzalez had sex with the teen boy twice that night before the teen’s mom caught her in the room.