UCrew Update

March Man’s Madness 2019

Which is better? Tacos or Wings? Binge watching or Binge Sexing? Fill out your bracket and then listen every weekday at 4 PM until the final on April 5th where the champion will be crowned! The person who correctly predicts the champion will be crowned The Manly Master and win the grand prize: Tickets to UFest, Slayer, & Slipknot!

The competitors:

Seed matches:
Tacos: The greatest foldable food EVER! Tacos just how you like them with all the trimmings..
Wings: The only reason to eat chicken. Crispy, juicy, and heavily sauced just like Fitz on the weekends

Binge Watching: Sure, they call it a season but no one said a season had to take 2 two years to finish when you can knock it off in a long weekend.
Binge Sexing: Like an all you can eat crab legs buffet, you know its going to get sloppy but there is no stopping you now. 

$2000 dollars gambling in Vegas with the Boys BUT absolutely no drinking and that includes beer.
$2000 dollars drinking in Vegas with the Boys BUT absolutely no gambling and that includes nickel slots.

A perfect weekend playing video games: all the joys of the joystick right down to your girl making sandwiches on demand.
A perfect weekend watching sports: Your team, your rules, your perfect sports weekend.

Tiebreaker: Dumbest Crime of the Year

Jussie Smollet fakes a Hate Crime: Is prison really a punishment for a guy who pays a couple of giant dudes to kick his ass? Probably not but it will do for now.
The College Admissions Scandal: Aunt Becky is out of the Full House and headed to the Big House.