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Lamb Of God Release Trailer for New Documentary

The recent legal troubles of Randy Blythe, lead singer of Lamb Of God, had thrust the band into the spotlight and led to many questions about the safety at concerts and who is ultimately responsible for lapses in safety.  Even though Randy was cleared of manslaughter charges from a fan dying at one of Lamb Of God's concerts in Prague, the story of everyone involved during that time has remained semi silent.  A new documentary entitled As The Palaces Burn will be able to shed light on the people, the emotions and the instance that the band's entire history was put into jeopardy.

According to, Lamb of God was recently filming a documentary with Dan Argott focusing on their influence across the world and how their fan base in different countries feel and react to their music.  Unfortunately, the focus of the documentary switched when Randy was arrested in Prague and imprisoned while awaiting trial for manslaughter.  The film began to focus on the people entangled in this predicament and how it was going to change their lives.

The film will premiere in Amsterdam during the International Documentary Film Festival.




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