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Metallica Respond To Glastonbury Criticism With A Video

By Thomas Cowley



In this day and age it is harder and harder to find people who can take criticism or straight up name calling without calling up the lawyers. Fortunately Metallica is one of the few groups these days that seem willing to roll with dissent and turn it against those who spewed them. The negative reaction surrounding the bands appearance at Glastonbury Festival this year has been covered by various news outlets and even this very website. And while drummer Lars Ulrich spoke on the subject, believing people should “show up and be ready to have a good time”, the band had essentially left it at that, despite people creating a petition to have them removed from the show.

Until now that is. This new shirt has been created specifically for the Glastonbury show, detailing many of the criticisms laid against them alongside a “Glastallica” logo commemorating the show. At the moment, the shirt is only available in the U.K. however there are plans to sell the shirt in America shortly.

Along with the shirt, Metallica teamed up with filmmaker Julien Temple to open their set with the following video poking fun at the negative reaction to frontman James Hetfield’s narration of a bear hunting show on the History Channel. It would seem fair to say that Metallica has taken everything in stride and has not let the comments put a damper on either their moods, or the show. 


Oh, and a lot of people seemed to like the show too.