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Don't make the Xbox One an Ex-box right away!

It was merely a few months ago when Microsoft and Sony released their plans for the Xbox One and the PS4 and like most Xbox fans, we were set up with disappointment. The used games restrictions, the Kinect always being connected online and so many unclear messages made it difficult to get behind the idea of owning... One (haha… get it… okay I’m sorry). But I am here to tell you that all that has changed, my people! They have cleaned up their ways and showed up outside your window with a boom box basically begging us to take them back. I’ve aquired a list of things they went back on, improvements to the console and some bonus points. Shall we….?

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it”:

    The 2 biggest complaints about the Xbox One when it was announced was not being able to share games like the old days and that the Kinect is ALWAYS ON AND CONNECTED. Well, after the outrage of Microsoft fans, game sharing is back to being free (rightfully so) and the Kinect will have the option to unplug it (what a genius idea) but it will still be included in the high priced bundle of $499.99. I guess love comes with a price. Though, there are some new ideas on the horizon for the Kinect. If you haven’t checked it out yet, there has been a YouTube video of a prototype that will project your gaming image outside of your TV. It’s definitely the future of at-home gaming.

Now if they would release this sometime soon…

“I’ve changed for the both of us…”

    - The Xbox Gold Membership will now cover multiple online gamers in your household potentially saving everyone money living there. So when I renew my Gold Membership, my 2 other roommates will be covered under my “policy” if you will.

    - You will now be able to record your online gameplay where as before, you had to hook up your computer to record it.


    - The Xbox will feature an 8-core x86 processor which will give you the power to switch almost immediately between games, apps, internet and cable.

Which reminds me…

    - You can watch cable from your XBOX ONE! There’s going to be an HDMI pass thru that will allow you to connect your sat/cable box to it.

Which also means, you could plug in your PS4 or a Wii U and play those consoles through your Xbox.

Dude… That’s pretty damn cool. I’ll give you guys a break to collect your thoughts due to your mind being blown.

“I brought you flowers!”

    With more exclusive console games being released on the Xbox One than the PS4. With titles like Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 amongst many more it makes it difficult to want to pick up a Sony right away.

Though the Xbox One is being released on November 22nd, I’m still debating on grabbing it right away. With the guarantee that there will be some malfunctions during launch, like PS4 experienced, I’m not sure if I want to spend half a grand on this entertainment machine. If the price drops so will my debate. But this will still be the FIRST next generation console I will purchase. WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!


BTW: This may be a re-enactment of one mine and Fitz’s many conversations…


JamesThurman3 - If Microsoft wanted me to buy an Xbox bad enough they would let Gameshark make a come back. None of the features you mentioned are very impressive. I'll venture to guess that Microsoft tried to 1 up Sony by making the game play recording longer witch makes PS4 better because you would have less boring **** to sort through on your video. I have both an Analogue and an HDMI switch box that dominates Xbox's multiple console feature. I can play Super Nintendo, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 all at the same time and on surround sound.  

Captaincrazyeye's picture

Captaincrazyeye - James thurman murman Xbox one is vastly superior. It's obvious who will win most sales as usual. O doyle rules!  

JamesThurman3 - and yet Microsoft still has not made a compelling sales pitch.  

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