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Why can't radio in real life be like the ones in GTA V?!

Almost 1 week since the release of Grand Theft Auto V and, like most of you, I’m having a hard time putting down the controller. Let’s be real, I’ve made up excuses just to stay home and finish up some missions. (But I haven’t called out sick yet… *cough* I feel the black lung coming along…) Regardless of how much time I spend on this game, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Especially with all the time driving and exploring Los Santos and little side missions you just become completely engulfed. And it’s pretty clear throughout the game that Rockstar Games never BS’s the BS’ers. You can definitely get a feel for that with the music and commercials on the Los Santos Radio stations. And being in radio, it makes you wonder… WHY CAN’T RADIO IN REAL LIFE BE LIKE THIS?! Well, clearly the FCC wouldn’t go for it but let’s be real, do you think most people could handle the brutal honesty of somethings? But besides all that, why can’t the music be that awesome as well? Granted, I haven’t heard much from the rock stations that made it stand out but it’s that damn talk radio that gets me every time. What do you think are the top three stations to listen to when you jump in that stolen car? While you’re at it, what’s the best mission so far that U guys played?



And while were at it... Who's excited for Multiplayer coming October 1st?


JamesThurman3 - I ended up turning the music audio off after I recognized that I'm a bit of klepto with cars on there and I wasn't listening to the same thing from one car to the other. When I did have it on though I had the rare experience where I had a theme song to what I was doing. When I was on my way to collect payouts Snoop Dog's song Gin a Juice was playing witch was pretty solid. I'll listen to that stuff eventually, I'm still dazzled by all the other stuff and the missions are awsome  

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