UCrew Update

Music That Encompasses All Emotions

On October 26th, 2017, 98 KUPD-FM in Phoenix held Halloween-themed music festival called The Big Red Night of the Dead.  The bands featured for this festival included Of Mice and Men, In This Moment, Ded and Mastodon.

A few days before the festival, Shannon was asked to conduct interviews of some of the bands, but he was never instructed as to which ones would be showing up.

On the day of the show, he would learn that he’d be sitting down with Aaron Pauley and Valentino Arteaga from the band Of Mice and Men.  Within minutes of learning of who he would be sitting with, the word came down that he would also be interviewing Maria Brink and Chris Howorth of In This Moment.

Today’s episode focuses around two separate interviews that were conducted on that particular day–nearly one year ago as of this recording.

As Shannon and the rest of the production crew battled the blowing wind and sound from the bands playing behind him, he was able to get to the root of some of the deeper thoughts behind band evolution, unity within music community and the honesty that lies within music.