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New Metallica Song Set To Debut This Weekend

Metallica fans can look forward to a brand new song due to make its first appearance this weekend when the band heads down to Columbia on March 16th for their South American 2014 tour. After a long stint working on various side projects including a feature length film, the band has finally settled down to begin working on new material. According to a Facebook post, the song will debut in Bogota on Sunday.

While the band has been hard at work, making a movie, performing at the Grammys alongside pianist Lang Lang, and playing a show on all seven continents, they have had a rough period monetarily due to the low gross-high cost of the film “Through the Never” and the financially disastrous “Orion Music + More Festival”. Hopefully a new album and extensive touring can remedy the temporary money loss for the band.

Videos of the new song are undoubtedly due to hit the internet as soon as it is played.