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New Single From Godsmack – Generation Day

A new song off of the upcoming Godsmack album “1000hp” titled Generation Day can now be streamed on YouTube. Frontman Sully Erna spoke to Grammy.com briefly concerning the new song.

“Generation Day’ is about realizing that this new era is taking over, and one day our generation will be shot and be dead. Whether that’s completely dead or something that’s just an underground market – like there is a small market for vinyl albums now – but when I think about that whole world, I feel sad and wish my daughter and the people [who] are younger could have had that experience of putting on an album and pulling out the lyrics and looking at the artwork. It was such an experience back then. Music is still such a gift, but back then it was more of a whole ritual that you did. You would sit on the couch, put on a new album, lay there and listen to it. Now its so quick, just hit the app on your iPhone and suck in the new three-minute, pre-processed shit song. I feel like the integrity sometimes gets lost.”

While it is not the most optimistic outlook on the state of the music industry and it’s future, it is an understandable one. Do you think music will ever recapture some of what once was? Or will it ultimately grow into its own again?

“1000hp” will be on store shelves August 5th.