UCrew Update

No More Crowd Surfing or Mosh Pits At Warped Tour

By Thomas Cowley


These days it seems harder and harder to get away with, well pretty much anything. And as often is the case, a few bad apples ruin the bunch. According to MetalInjection.net, Warped Tour has officially banned Mosh Pits and Crowd surfing for its widely popular concert. This is not the first major concert event to ban these activities, both Mayhem and Ozzfest have instilled similar practices. While this news is rather depressing, the reasoning behind such decisions are understandable. It only takes a few million dollar lawsuits from a few irresponsible parties before the fun is ruined for everyone else.

While it is a shame that these classic concert activities have been banned, the shows are no doubt sure to still be fun for those who attend. Besides, most people who go do not go to mosh anyway, and those who do will probably mosh anyway.